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Our Work

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Free Healthcare Services for the marginalized in the US

People in marginal parts of the US are suffering from Heart Diseases, Type 2 diabetes, inflated cholesterol levels, strokes, high blood pressures, and much more. This is leading towards various other chronic illnesses that come attached. Due to shortage of regular health checkups and lack of provisions of medication, people in the remote areas of US are losing life. The Ladybird initiative will attempt to provide these facilities of medical checkups, medication, and equipment in various marginalized parts.

Know about the various services provided by The Ladybird through our initiatives and programs.

Free Mobile Health Clinics in various marginalized parts of the Globe

We are building free health clinics in various countries and regions under the Ladybird initiative to provide free healthcare services to people in need in various marginalised parts of the world in order to promote healthy lifestyles. We provide free healthcare services to people who are suffering from various acute as well as chronic illnesses using this concept of free healthcare for all, with the help of volunteers, health workers, and specialist doctors. We provide free mobile health clinics to those in need and ensure that health care becomes a priority for people in these areas.

Free Health Clinics in various marginalized parts of the Globe

Many people, especially in rural areas, lack access to proper healthcare services because some underdeveloped nations have very basic healthcare systems. The majority of healthcare
facilities are only found in major cities. But what about those who reside in rural areas? The importance of free mobile health clinics can be seen in this. The Ladybird Initiative of the Embrace Relief Foundation has launched free mobile health clinic services around the world with a focus on African and Asian nations in order to achieve
this goal.

Other Initiatives:

  1. Free health camps on regular intervals
  2. Providing medicines prescribed for a particular ailment for free
  3. Providing on-call doctors for emergency surgeries for free
  4. Doing camps to spread awareness about sanitation and need of healthcare
  5. Spread sensitisation about the women needs and hygeine
  6. Free instruments for patients with BP, Sugar etc.

Our Work in Action

Free Health Clinics in Afghanistan

join our volunteering team and save a life

Due to the current situations in Afghanistan, the health system in the country has collapsed. People in Afghanistan are in dire need of healthcare services. With the ladybird initiative, we intend to offer these necessary healthcare services for free from our healthcare clinic in Afghanistan.