Our Volunteers

Our Volunteers

Be the hero that world needs by saving lives of many

The Story

A group of young female volunteers in The United States of America saw how the women and young girls lacked basic sanitation and that caused them various acute and chronic illnesses. Due to poor healthcare facilities in marginalized regions, they were not able to reach the doctors in time and because of that, the news of these women struggling and even losing their lives started becoming frequent. These girls decided to come together and start with a ‘Healthcare for All’ initiative in which they ensured that the people in need receive healthcare services in time and for free.

Healthcare insurance in the US is very expensive and it becomes a hassle for people from lower strata to be able to afford it, so these free healthcare services enable them to get treatment with this pathbreaking initiative of The Ladybird.

Our Volunteers across the World

  • These young girls have now started to receive support from various parts of the world.
  • Different young and middle aged volunteers are coming together.
  • These volunteers work at health camps to treat people, spread awareness, and sensitise them.
  • Volunteers in Afghanistan have also started with Mobile Healthcare services.