Mobile Health clinic In Faryab province of , Afghanistan

The Faryab province is located in the Northern part of Afghanistan , lacking basic healthcare facilities that are affordable for all, leading to long term illnesses in people. This cause was brought to the notice of the Ladybird and we decided to set up a free mobile health care clinic in areas around Faryab.
The Mobile unit travels to the 4 villages of Shirin Tagab district of Faryab province .
Each mobile clinic team is made up of 5 staff members; 1 doctor, 2 nurses, 1 labrant, 1 obstetrician. They are covering approximately 4 villages. The team should work for 2 days a week, Tuesday and Friday and report on Saturday. The days of work during the week could vary depending on the context. Every member of the team should wear their jacket with organizational branding and wear a badge with their full name and organization at all times.
This campaign is an initiative that lacks the attention of most people and therefore the condition of healthcare in Faryab is depleting. To overcome this situation, the Ladybird encourages the visitors of the page to help us facilitate a change in the conditions of places around Faryab by donating for this cause.