About Us

About Us

The Ladybird

The Ladybird is a non-profit initiative under the auspices of Embrace Relief foundation, which has been launched for the purpose of rendering free and quality healthcare to the people in need. The Ladybird aims to take actions towards achieving the mission of the saying, “Health is Wealth”. A healthy nation leads to growth, thus taking care of the health of the people is our prime responsibility. We aspire to provide the less fortunate strata, the luxuries of a healthy lifestyle by providing free healthcare. People of backward strata aren’t even able to afford the basic luxuries of life and have a tendency to get affected by different acute as well as chronic diseases. The Ladybird’s initiatives of free healthcare and mobile free healthcare will provide them the treatment in time and for free.

Who We Are

Healthcare is not a luxury, it is a fundamental right.

We stand with the people in need of healthcare by providing them with camps for regular health check ups as well as bringing down the hospitals to the people in need through mobile healthcare facilities.

The Ladybird is an organization for the people who cannot access proper healthcare facilities. Our aim is to provide healthcare as a fundamental right to every human being in need. We are working towards building a healthy ecosystem for people from unprivileged backgrounds.

We empower local communities and people in need of healthcare by providing them with camps for regular health checkups, robust and sustainable healthcare services, necessary infrastructures as well as bring down the hospitals to people in need through mobile healthcare facilities. We believe that access to reliable, high-quality medical care is a fundamental right, not a privilege.


It is easy to identify a problem that people in backward areas face due to lack of healthcare facilities, but it is difficult to provide solutions. These can only be provided if you show genuine concern and care. With free health camps and mobile health clinics, we want to deliver healthcare in extremely remote regions and let them know that ‘We Care’


Saving a life requires commitment, focus, intent and resources. We at The Ladybird try to reach out to the most subaltern locations in extreme interiors and ensure they receive proper healthcare infrastructure and required facilities to avoid any loss of life due to lack of necessary equipment.


At The Ladybird, we have taken it as our responsibility to provide regular health checkups in the remote areas and also provide necessary medical facilities in these areas to be able to save lives, develop communities and propagate health. We believe in providing free medical checkup, follow up medicines, as well as medical counselling to remotest areas across different countries.


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